Anna Michalczuk-Podlecki

Anna Michalczuk-Podlecki (1979) is a translator of Estonian literature into Polish. She holds a doctoral degree in Polish philology from the University of Wrocław. As part of an academic exchange, she studied Estonian language, literature, and history at the University of Tartu. Michalczuk-Podlecki is a member of the Polish Literary Translators’ Association (Stowarzyszenie Tłumaczy Literatury). She fell in love with Estonian while on a cycling trip in the country.

Translating children’s literature is like translating poetry. There aren’t many words, but so much lies between them. Every word is so precious – the writing must flow in a way that allows you to read it aloud to a child. Estonian-language children’s literature is particularly poetic!




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Reeli Reinaus. Morten, Emilie and the Lost Worlds

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