Daniele Monticelli

Daniele Monticelli (1970) has an MA in Philosophy from University of Milan (1995), PhD in semiotis and culutral theory from Univeristy of Tartu (2008), a postdoctoral fellowship at the Yale University Department of Comparative Literature (2014) and has translated into Italian a series of short stories and essays by Estonian writers (Andrus KivirƤhk, TƵnu ƕnnepalu, Viivi Luik, Karl Martin SinijƤrv) and intellectuals (Iivi-Ann Masso, Toomas Kiho, Krista Kaer), plays (Jaan TƤtte, Urmas Lennuk, Andrus KivirƤhk, Mart Kase), poetry (Maarja Kangro, Andres Ehin, Ɯlar Ploom, Hasso Krull) and texts in the field of arts, history, architecture (for the journal ā€œDomusā€ and others).



Premio principale per il concorso nazionale di ricerca del Ministero dellā€™Istruzione e della Ricerca della Repubblica estone per la tesi di dottorato: ā€œWholeness and its remainders. Theoretical procedures of totalization and detotalization in semiotics, philosophy and politicsā€
Premio annuale della rivista Keel ja Kirjandus per lā€™articolo ā€œKeeleuuendus ja tƵlkimine ā€œNoor-Eestiā€ kultuurilise utoopia raames Villem Ridala tƵlgitud ā€˜SĆ¼Ć¼tuā€™ tƵlke nƤitelā€
Premio del Ministero per gli Affari Esteri della Repubblica Italiana per lā€™edizione del dizionario estone-italiano.

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