Hugo Vaher

Hugo Vaher (Urmas Jaagusoo, 1974) is an author, translator, and musician. He graduated in law from Tartu University. Vaher has written seven books for children and young adults, and has been awarded in both the My First Book childrenā€™s story competition and the Estonian Youth Novel Competition. In his works, Vaher uses thrilling scenes to show that even the most ordinary child can be a hero, especially if they have a friend by their side and a safe home to which they can retreat.

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Childrenā€™s Story Competition ā€œMy First Bookā€, 3rd place (The Summer Trackers. The Case of the Strange Sock)


Childrenā€™s Story Competition ā€œMy First Bookā€, honourable mention (Ɯmera mehed Roosa Villast)


Youth Novel Competition, honourable mention (Squatters)

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