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Kertu Sillaste (1973) is an illustrator, art teacher, and picture book author. She graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts in textile design, studied tapestry at the Ɖcole SupĆ©rieure des Arts AppliquĆ©s DuperrĆ© in Paris, and received a masterā€™s degree in art education at Tallinn University. Sillaste has worked as a graphic designer at the Tallinn Central Library, and currently teaches art at the Estonian Childrenā€™s Literature Centre. She has written five books, illustrated 16 works, and is a long-time collaborator with the childrenā€™s magazine TƤheke. Sillaste was listed in the 2016 White Ravens catalogue and was a candidate for the 2017 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. Her signature style includes thick, vibrant India-ink brush strokes combined with acrylics or collage.

I've authored texts for picture books. The writing in my books is very concise ā€“ what matters is that it always fits with the pictures. I usually write a story and illustrate it simultaneously, and therefore I might not tell everything in the story itself: the pictures tell part of the tale, too. When I write, I keep in mind that a book meant for small children should have short words and sentences, but also a little bit of excitement and great characters.

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UKLA Book Award Longlist 2023 in the information book category I am an Artist

IBBY Honour List (The Prettiest Skirt)
Good Childrenā€™s Book (In a Tiny House)

5 Best Designed Estonian Children's Books ("Help!)

International Illustration and Book Design Competition ā€˜Image of the Bookā€™, Moscow, laureate


25 Best-Designed Estonian Books, Certificate of Merit (The Prettiest Skirt)

5 Best-Designed Estonian Childrenā€™s Books, Special Prize of the Estonian Childrenā€™s Literature Centre
Good Childrenā€™s Book (I Am an Artist)


Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award candidate


The White Raven (No, It Isn't So!)
Good Childrenā€™s Book (Everyone Makes Art Their Own Way)


Raisin of the Year Award (No, It Isn't So!)
Nominee of the Annual Childrenā€™s Literature Award of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia (No, It Isn't So!)
Good Childrenā€™s Book (No, It Isn't So!)
The Knee-High Book Competition, winner (Astrid and Ott)


25 Best-Designed Estonian Books, Certificate of Merit (Liis Sillaste-Toots. ā€žKokatarkusi must valgelā€)
Good Childrenā€™s Book (KƤtlin Vainola. Where is Love?)


The Knee-High Book Competition, 1st place (KƤtlin Vainola. Where is Love?)
The Knee-High Book Competition, honorary mention (Kertu Sillaste. No, It Isn't So!)


The Knee-High Book Competition, 3rd place (Itā€™s Pancake Time!)

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