Piret Jaaks

Piret Jaaks(1980) is an Estonian writer and playwright. She studied theatre at the University of Tartu and is currently working on a PhD in dramaturgy at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. In addition to writing almost 20 plays, she is the author of three books, including two for children: Mommy's Dragon and The Secret of the Lost Sock. Two of her children's plays, Elias from the Mainland and The Mumbler, have been staged at Estoniaā€™s most notable childrenā€™s theatre. Her play Rights of Passage won first place in the Estonian Theater Agencyā€™s 2019 playwriting competition. Jaaks has received several awards for her creative work.
Currently, she lives in Tallinn with her family and a hairy Jack Russell terrier.

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Tartu Prize for Children's Literature (Childhood Prize), nominee (Mr. Maru's Blueberry Shop)
The Knee-High Book Competition, 1st place (Suur saladus)

The White Ravens (Mommyā€™s Dragon)


Good Childrenā€™s Book (Mommyā€™s Dragon)

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