Markus Saksatamm

Markus Saksatamm (Margus Eiche, 1969) is a children’s writer who has held many different jobs in Estonia and abroad, ranging from exhibition-installation specialist to businessman. He has written more than ten children’s books and done collaborative work with several magazines. Saksatamm’s works are known for their dizzying fantasy, creativity, and humour.

If I had to describe an imaginary world, then this is what it’d be like: blue clouds are floating in a white sky. People are walking across the sea, occasionally tripping over the crests. Onions taste like tangerines. And I’m sitting on a rocking chair on the Moon, which is sticky like a big piece of caramel candy, writing a book about how somewhere else, the sky is blue and clouds are white. No one ever walks across the sea, and onions taste like onions – and no one in that world would believe my story! But I’d write it all the same, just the way I please.

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Good Children’s Book (Postman and Chickens)


The Knee-High Book Competition, 3rd place (Postman and Chickens)


Nominee of the Annual Children’s Literature Award of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia (A Ghost and Porridge)


Children’s Story Competition My First Book, 2nd place (Rubert, the Dragon, and the Sailors)

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A Book by Markus Saksatamm was Honoured in Russia

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