Kristi Piiper

Kristi Piiper (1983) is an author of childrenā€™s and young adult literature. She earned an International Baccalaureate Diploma in Berlin and currently studies nursing at the Tartu Healthcare College.
Piiper has published five childrenā€™s books and a three-part young adult series. Her characters are highly active and independent young persons for whom no problem is insurmountable, especially when they work together. Young peopleā€™s mental health issues is also an occurring theme in her writing.

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Youth Novel Competition, 1st place (The First Time)

Nominee of Tartu Prize for Childrenā€™s Literature (Childhood Prize) (The Lovesick Basement Monster, the Vegan Blood Sausage, and Other Stories)


Childrenā€™s Story Competition ā€œMy First Bookā€, 2nd place (The Countryside Inheritance)

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